Send The Thank You Message 

After your customers have purchased your product, you can choose to send them a Thank You message automatically. The Thank You message can be created in the Product section. It can be applied to both free and paid products.

1. Go to your "Products" component. If you have yet to set up Product details, please refer to our tutorial on how to create a product. Click the "pencil" icon to edit existing product details. 

2. Locate "Send email to each customer" and click on "Yes" to enable the option. This allows you to create an email message, which will be sent to your customer when they get the product by either buying or opting in.

3. Insert the Subject, From Name and From Email. Then create your Thank You Message. 

There are 4 tags that you can use in the content and the system will replace its value automatically. These include:

{FIRSTNAME} - system will replace it with the first name of the customer

{LASTNAME}  - system will replace it with the last name of the customer

{THANKYOUPAGE}  - system will replace it with URL of your thank you page in the same sale funnel that you use this sale page.

{LOGINDETAILS}  - system will replace it with the username and password of the customer for the membership site. If you use this tag, we suggest that you will also have to provide the URL of the membership site.