Send Login Details or Thank You message from Product Section

In this tutorial we will instruct you how to send the log in details or the Thank you message through the Product section. It’s the message that will be sent to the customers after they purchase or are given the product manually.

1. In your product details, locate "Send email to each customer". Enable the option by selecting "Yes". 

2. Enter the email details such as Subject, name, from name and from email. 

3. In the email message textbox, write down the content of your email here. Click "Save". 

4. At the bottom of the textbox, you will see that there are some tags available. You can use these tags in your email. 

If you want to send the log in details to the customers, you can use the tag {LOGINDETAILS} in the message and the system will replace its value automatically.

We suggest that you should include the link of your membership site into the message as well so it won’t confuse the customers where to log in.