Select The Web Theme

In FusionHQ, we do not allow the users to create their own web theme. However, we have arranged some beautiful web themes for you to use with your websites.

Each theme has the different background image, content style, the default font style or even theme of optin box.

You are able to apply the theme to the entire website or some specific pages only. That means each page in your website can look differently if a different theme is applied. Note that you cannot upload the theme to your account.

Apply Theme To The Entire Website

1. At the Sales Funnels, click Site Options in the top right hand corner of the page.

2. Under the Settings tab, locate Default Theme. Click Change Theme.

3. These are some free themes from FusionHQ system. Select any theme that you desire.

4. Make sure to tick Apply changes to all pages if you’d like the theme to be the same on all of your pages. If you do not tick this option, the new theme will be applied to the first page or the start page only. Then click Save.

Select A Theme To A Specific Page

1. Go to the page that you want to change the theme. On the upper right side, click Page Options.

2. At Page Settings tab, click Change Theme of either Split A or Split B page depending on which page you want to change the theme.

3. Select the new theme and click Save button to save the settings.

4. You may need to save the page again before leaving the page. If your site is ready, you need to upload the site again to publish the change.

Once A Theme Is Applied

Now, your website has a theme. Let's see what you can do with the theme.

The theme options can be found at the Style tab of the fluid container (the entire width screen - view Drag & Drop Editor tutorial again if you don't remember)

At Style, there are 2 options that you can change: Section Style & Content Style

Section Style is the background area. You can select the background image and the default font style. Mostly, 1st option has no background image in case you do not want to use any background image or upload your own image at the Image Background Option. The background image of options 2nd - 6th are shown in the thumbnail. Select any option of your desire.

Content Style is the content area of your website. The background color as shown in the thumbnail is translucent.

Sample Settings

Last update: Sep 8, 2015