Import The Subscribers list (SMTP)

Subscribers are important because they are a group of people who are eager to get contacted by you in order to get the news update of your products or website.

FusionHQ allows you to import the list of your fans or subscribers you have from another platform or software you previously used. However, to do this, you need to use the SMTP which is basically your own mail server to the send out the message.

FusionHQ is the only device where you can keep the subscribers' details, but you cannot send the message from FusionHQ mail serverPlease follow the instructions below to create an SMTP profile and import your list.

1. Select Integrations in the top right hand corner of your project dashboard. Click Create Profile.

2. Select External SMTP.

3. Enter the details for the External SMTP Integration Settings according to your SMTP. Click Create when you are done.

4. Now, your SMTP profile shows Unverified status. Please check the inbox of the email that owns this SMTP service. You will get a link from FusionHQ asking you to verify the SMTP settings. Once you click the link, the Unverified notification will be removed. That means that your SMTP profiles is now verified.

5. Then return to your project dashboard. Click the pencil icon at Mailing Lists to edit.

6. Locate Server type at the bottom of the Mailing List details page. Enable Custom SMTP. Then on the right side, select the SMTP profile that you have just created for both the high, low quality & Imported list. Click Apply button to save settings.

7. Go back to the project dashboard again. This time, click Manage subscribers which is the last icon of the Mailing Lists component.

8. Select Import option.

9. Click Choose File Or Drop Files in order to select the file of the subscribers list from your device. Make sure that the file is in .csv or Comma delimited format only. Once the list is displayed, select the Field Separator (Comma option is recommended). Click Import button to start uploading.

10. Wait while the list is being imported. Click OK button to leave the warning pop up. After a few minutes or up to 10 minutes, depending on the size of your list, refresh the page to see if the system has finished importing the list or not. You can click the number beside Subscribers to view the list.

Last update: Sep 9, 2015