How To Use The Download Link Button

In this tutorial we will teach you how to add downloads to your membership site or sales pages. This option is used only when you have a downloadable or digital file.

1. You can find the download button in the Drag & Drop editor. Go to the page where you want your clients to download your file from and click on the pencil icon to edit. 

2. Drag the "Download" button to wherever you desire. 

3. In the "Type" section, choose "My Product" if you want to use a product that you have already set up in FusionHQ. Select the "Product" name and "File" from the dropdown menu. 

4. Or you can also choose "URL" option so that you can insert the URL of your product in the textbox. This option can be used if you uploaded a file somewhere else and have the url. For example, you uploaded your file through FTP and you know its url then you can put the url here.

5. Next option is "S3 or Amazon S3", you can find this option only if you have a S3 Integration profile at Settings and you have stored your file there. Then you can select this option to select the file directly from S3.

6. Alternatively, you can choose "CDN" if you have uploaded the file in the Media Manager Section of FusionHQ. Choose the file that you want to be downloaded from the dropdown menu. 

7. As for the "Display Type", you can choose either "Text" or "My Images". Feel free to enter your own text.

8. Or if you select "My Images" option, you can browse to select any free image from FusionHQ. You can also upload your own image.

9. Then click "Apply". Make sure to select "Save" at the top right hand corner of the drag and drop editor.  

10. Please note that if you have several files in one product, you’ll need to use a different Download button for each product.