Create An OTO Page

An OTO, or One Time Offer, is a page that typically offers exclusive or discounted products and the customers can see it only once so your customers can make the decision promptly. We usually offer the OTO when the customers tend to leave your website. The OTO option can be found in the Sales Funnels feature only.

1Open your sales funnel map page. Select or create a page where you would like to present the OTO. Click the "Pencil icon", which will take you to the Drag and Drop editor. 

2. Then select "Page Options" in the top right hand corner

3. Click the "OTO Page" tab. Select "Yes" if you would like to make this page a ‘One Time  Offer.’

4Then customize the "Page Expiry Options" by enabling it. Select how many minutes, hours, days, week, months or years you would like the OTO to expire in.

"Then redirect to" allows you to either show your customers an expired page or select a new page. Select the desired link connection. 

5. Click "Save".

6. Be sure to click "Save" again in the top right hand corner of the Drag and Drop Editor.  

7. Then on the funnel map, you can use the OTO page with the "Exit" link. So the OTO page will show to the customers when they close the browser or exit your website. If in the future, they visit your website and leave again, the page will not show because it shows only once.