Downsell is used when you would like to offer your customer an alternative to the original purchase if they leave or exit your sales page. It offers you a chance to capture the customer by offering a light version of the product (such as a segment of it), which costs less than the whole thing and possibly is a portion of the original offer. 

1. On your sales funnel map, click the "Pencil" icon of your sales page to access the Drag and Drop Editor.

2. Add the "No, Thanks" button.

3. Click "Save".

4. Have the "No" node connect to another sales page that offers another version of the product at a cheaper price.

5. Click the "Pencil" icon to edit your Downsell page. Add a "Buy Button", which features the product you are offering at a cheaper price, in case the customer decides to take advantage of the new deal. You will also want to create some texts that describe the offer to the customer. For instance, "Want to join our training course instead?.... Just $49".

6. Click "Save". You don’t need to add another No Thanks button here since the customer will simply close the page if they are not interested in the offer.

7Make sure to connect the pages so that the customer is redirected to the Thank You page after they make the purchase. Use the "Yes" node that you set for this page (see Step 5).