Create Link On Your Page (Hyperlink)

Hyperlink function takes the important role in SEO because it could help to increase the traffic of your website. You can make the hyperlink from some places back to your website or vice versa.

In SEO strategies, it's necessary to make your keywords as the anchor text on the page because the search engine would crawl on your page and rank it with that particular keywords.

In FusionHQ, we allow you to create the hyperlink as well. Simply follow the instructions below.

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Text Link

Text Link is to use a text as the link to direct the customers to another page or document inside or outside FusionHQ. You can link files, email addresses or even phone numbers.

1. Click any text that you want to make it a link to activate the text panel.

2. Highlight the word that you want to make a link and click the  icon at the text panel to get the pop up box to set up the hyperlink.

3. At Link Type, select URL option and then put the url of the destination page, file or any document at the URL field.

4. If you want to make the text link to an email address, simply select E-Mail option at the Link Type

At the E-Mail Address field, put your email address to receive the message. Message Subject & Message Body are optional. Click OK to finish.

Note that if you insert an image by using the Textbox, please use the instructions above to create the image link.

Image Link

Image Link is to use an image as the link. So when your customers click the image, they are directed to another url or another page inside or outside FusionHQ. Simply follow the instructions below.

1. Click any image that you want to make a link to see the Style tab at the editor panel.

2. At the bottom part of the Style tab, it shows 3 options: Alt, Link & Target.

  • Alt is the alternative text that will be shown once the text it hovered.
  • Linkis where you can put the redirect link.
  • Target is to set how to open the redirect page eg. on the same page or open a new page.

3. Once finished, save the page to keep changes.

Anchor Link

Anchor text helps you to link to another area on the same page. For example, you have a long page and you want to create a shortcut where the customers can just be directed to the part where the details are located immediately. So they don't need to scroll down the page.

1. Click anywhere on the page where you would like the link to take the viewer in order to activate the text panel.

2. Click the  icon to view the Anchor Properties. Fill in the Anchor Name and click OK to save the name.

3. You can see a red flag icon. This is the anchor area.

4. Now go to the text where you want to make the link to the anchor area. One click to activate the text panel. Highlight the text and then click the  icon.

5. Now, you see the pop up box. At the Link Type, Select Link to anchor in the text option.

At Select an Anchor, select the name of the anchor that we have just created at either By Anchor Name or By Element ID option.


6. Finally, you can see that the hyperlink is created. When you click the anchor link, you will then be directed to the anchor area.

Last update: Sep 8, 2015