Create An Email Account

You can only create email accounts if you host the domain with FusionHQ, though it doesn’t matter which provider you bought the domain from.

Make sure that you’ve uploaded your domain once from the sales funnel or content site in order to activate the domain.

If you have yet to upload the domain, you won’t see the function to create an email account. 

1. Click Integrations from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner. 

2. Locate Domains and select the middle Email button.

3. Onthe left tab, click Create Email.

4. Then, on the right side, enter the desired email name in the textbox provided, for example “support”. Then enter the password and click Create Email button.

5. If you want to forward the email to another email account eg. your gmail, click Add Forwarders button.

6. At Forwarders, enter the email that you want to forward the incoming messages. You can have as many email forwarders as you want. Finally, click Update Email button.

Last update: Nov 4, 2015