Move A Domain To FusionHQ Hosting

If you purchase your domain from external providers but would like to use FusionHQ hosting, you have to make sure that your package includes our hosting service.

If you’ve hosted your domains with another provider, you will need to change the name servers to FusionHQ first. If you don’t know how to change the name servers then please contact your current hosting provider.


1. On the project page, click on the top right of the page to access settings options then select 'Integrations'.

If you have not entered and verified a domain yet, please refer to our domains tutorial. 


2Once your domains are set up, you will be able to see them on the integration page. Click the "pencil" icon to view Domain Settings. Here you will see the Domain name, along with the host. ​


3. For FusionHQ Hosting, the details to use for setting up your DNS, or Domain Name Servers, are provided. 

Once you have changed the name servers with your current hosting provider, select "Verify My Domain".

You may have to wait up to "24 hours" until the changes are activated.