Add Affiliates To The Sales Records

In this tutorial we will teach you how to add or change affiliates manually to the sales records. 

1. On the main project dashboard, locate the project that you want to apply the changes to. Click the middle "Manage" icon. Select '"Customers". 

2. You can add affiliates to the sales records if their Type is "Payment", as opposed to member or subscriber. Locate the affiliate that you want to add to the sales records and click "Manage Member". 

3. Click the "Payment" tab. Then click the appropriate transaction.

4. Next select the "Commissions" tab. Select the "Campaign" and "Tool". "Reference Tag" is for you to know which lead this customer is from.

5. At the "Commission" part, under Affiliate, type in the email or name of the affiliate. The system will search for the person automatically. Then select the system’s result. 

Click "Save". Close the Payment record information box.